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Thread: what tablet to buy.

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    what tablet to buy.

    Yes, i am fully aware there is a topic on this very subject here but i don't like jacking other peoples threads and i have a bit more in depth to to my questions.

    Ok so i am looking at buying a tablet. Thing is i already own a tablet (an Adesso CyberTablet 12000) but i recently i upgraded to Windows 8 and anytime i try to use the tablet (literally the stylus tip gets anywhere near the drawing surface) i get a BSOD. Inquiring with Adesso Tech support i was told that product is no longer supported and they aren't going to update the drivers anytime soon.

    This puts me in need of a tablet that will work with Windows 8. being that i am an inconsistent hobbyist, it's hard to justify paying a lot for it, in spite of that though i have found two (seemingly) good choices; Adesso Cybertablet Z12, and Wacom Bamboo Capture. both of these are in my price range and seem to be very good products (my Adesso was pretty great up until this WIN 8 issue and Well Wacom has an all but monopoly on the graphics tablet industry for a reason) but to be honest i'm not sure which would better suit my needs.

    Both are the same price ($80-$100 depending on where you buy) and before spending that much i would like to get the best product for my needs but the tablet i have right now was a gift and i'm still new to tablets in general so i'm not sure what matters more. the main difference between the two seems to be the drawing area (bamboo has 5.8" x 3.6" wheras the Z12 has 10" x 6.25"), multi-touch support (bamboo has it but Z12 does not), and customizable hot keys (Z12 has them bamboo doesn't).

    so any advice, as a final note a list of what i liked/disliked about my old tablet and things i used it for.

    • Large Drawing area

    • Device felt large and clunky

    • Inking
    • Coloring
    • Writing (never felt as comfy typing as using handwriting)
    • if possible stand in for touch screen use in Win 8

    well anyways thanks for any advice in advance.
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    I find it funny that you like the large drawing area but you disliked it being large.

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    @apples13: yeah kind of contradictory sounding, but what i was getting at was that the surface area felt nice, but since it didn't fit on my desk i had to store it elsewhere and the fact i had to take it out and put it away each time was annoying.

    that said i was about to close this thread. i decided on the bamboo (was reading reviews of both on Amazon and after seeing one or two mentions of issues with multi monitor set ups which reminded me of the hassle i had with setting up the Adesso i had before to work with my dual screen set up. it worked great once set up but had to be redone every time i rebooted...) so this topic didn't need to exist and last i checked there were no responses.. but that changed so can't close anymore (i think...)
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    I'll close this thread out for you but let me know if you want me to re-open it.


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