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    Sunny's Art Haven V2

    I don't know whyyyy but it won't let me post in my old thread. SO, here we go...

    I know her lips suck. So does her nose. I think her eyes are too far apart, maybe? I'm not really good with this eye thing....

    Anyone have tips on lip shapes?

    I'm really not good with faces.

    As for this one, I wanted to try a new style....

    I think it turned out okay. Is there any particular mood you guys get from this? What do you think of the style?

    This was an illustration for a book. I kind of feel that maybe the girl on the right's feet seem to not hold as much weight as they should. Any thoughts on it?

    Last one here. I need to fix the shoulders....but if anyone has any other thoughts, that'd be great.

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