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Thread: You have a dilemma.

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    You have a dilemma.

    What is this?
    This thread is the recruitment thread for a number of Terminus Est threads that currently have openings that need or could use filling. Images for Umbralume and Korshim to come soon. Deal wif it.
    Terminus Est?
    Terminus Est is the uninspired name for numerous Dungeons and Dragons campaigns all being run by myself. The campaigns take all take place in the same universe (well, multiverse, really) and feature recurring characters, themes, and locales, and while each campaign has its own plot, all the campaigns are part of a grander, whole, unified meta-plot.
    All of the campaigns are ostensibly taking place at the same time unless otherwise noted (The Drow campaign is a prequel to the other Asul campaigns taking place an undisclosed length of time before the start of Party A), but really it doesnít work out quite right. Just assume one or more of the player characters are Time Lords and things make a lot more sense.
    Giant fuck-off Dragons! Bipolar Succubi! Semi-sane spider-ladies! Asshole wizards! Sexy sumo wrestlers! Lovecraftian horrors from beyond the Nine Hells! Terminus Est has it all!
    Dungeons and Dragons?
    Yes. We play using a heavily modified version of Dungeons and Dragons Revised Third Edition (AKA D&D 3.5). The modifications have been put into place by myself for a number of reasons, but primarily to make roleplay (traditional roleplaying) and rollplay (dice rolling, number crunching, and gamey things) more interesting, to make classes more customizable and balanced, and also to help make the game run smoother in this online format.
    Ultimately, like any good DM, I view the rules as suggestions to be taken lightly.
    Iím interested, but isnít there a lot of story and rollplay to learn?
    Yes and no. Thereís a lot going on and thatís happened so far, but between myself and the other players you can quickly be brought up to speed on the plot so far. As far as rollplay goes, that is even easier! D&D is very easy to learn and for the most part all the apparent complexity is simply the result of very poorly worded rulebooks. Most of the rules in D&D are very intuitive and simplistic. We can have you up and running in no time.
    Additionally while most of the campaigns take place on the material plane of Asul, there are several young in-progress campaigns or upcoming campaigns that take place in other planes and thus have little to no baggage and only basic details you need familiarize yourself with.
    Sounds awesome, how do I join?
    If you are interested in playing please contact me on AIM (Kodos343), or Skype (RoboChrist9000) and/or in this thread or the proper Terminus Est OOC thread (see my signiture) and we can try and figure shit out. Youíll have to contact me on AIM or Skype at some point or another Ė and I usually am online Ė so your best bet is trying one of those first.

    The alpha and the omega! The first and the last! The original Terminus Est thread, and also the slowest thing on Earth that's been on hiatus for a while because Dusk and Windy fell off the Earth, Reg almost died, and Hammy had some life issues ot sort out. Reg and Hammy have since gotten their shit together, and deserve praise, but the thread is in dire need of players to revive it. The thread is more traditional 'let's derp around Western Fantasyland!' fare, with - as with all of Terminus Est - some Lovecraftian undertones. There's more to go into of course, but that's all you need to know.
    Race and class are very flexible for this one, as I intend to try and steer the thread's direction around the players. We have about 2 openings. The party at the moment is:
    Saiza Aulaz, Tiefling Rogue
    Makoto, Human Ninja
    Ulow Zygiella, Chitine Egoist

    Drowthread? Drowthread! The Drowthread is a party of (currently) three Drow lasses on a meandering quest for glory, fame, and power.
    The Drow are an evil racial offshoot of Elves with dark blue, gray, or black skin, white hair (although they often dye it), and possessed of extreme beauty and grace - even by Elven standards. Otherwise they're physically identical to Elves save for being a bit more fertile and having a higher birth rate.
    Drow are decadent, racist, promiscuous, matriarchal, misandrist, superficial, cruel, sadistic and generally just evil and not very nice. Male Drow are at best second-class citizens, and at worse chattel slaves, with noble-born male Wizards being the sole exception. Non-Drow are sometimes permitted to live in ghettos on the fringes of Drow cities, but are most typically are found in Drow cities only as slaves - with slavery being the base upon which Drow civilization is built.
    The Drow are an extremely paranoid people and assassination is the primary method of upwards social mobility. Most highborn Drow are so busy guarding from assassins that they rarely get to kill anyone, though. In essence, Drow society is held together by paranoia, hedonism, and fear of Goddess.
    The Drow worship the cruel goddess Lolth, Queen of the Demonweb Pits. Lolth is cruel, sadistic, demanding, and unreasonable. Every Drow mother must sacrifice her third-born son to the Goddess, and beyond that her priestesses serve to provide Lolth the constant praise and offerings she demands. Lolth bears little love for the Drow, and their relationship is essentially such that she merely hates them less than she hates everyone else.
    Drow society is essentially a constant struggle between the church and the various noble houses (who fight amongst themselves as well). It's an insane culture caught between an insane theocracy devoted to a demanding goddess, and a fickle and avaricious aristocracy.
    The Drow live in the Underdark, a vast subterranean environment beneath the surface of the world. The Underdark is a series of caves and caverns, tunnels and vaults, which are poorly explored by surface folk, intermittently settled by natives, and home to all manner of strange and exotic creatures. The majority of Drow settlements are in the Middledark, the region of the Underdark 3-10 miles beneath the surface. The lower one goes in the Underdark, the more dangerous and alien things to get, with the Lowerdark (11+ miles below surface level) being home primarily to Illithids, Aboleths, Beholders, and various other aberrant horrors.
    The party at the moment is a trio of Drow cousins from a minor noble house, Alsiif the Demonic Sorceress, Neitar Inthuul the Telepath, and Ryyna Fama the Aristocrat. They've cut ties with their former house and set out on their own as adventurers, hoping to build up the fame, fortune, connections, and holdings needed to start their own house, or, perhaps failing that, at least marry into one of the Great Houses.
    For Goddess and Glory!

    Race choice is obviously limited to female Drow. At the moment the party could use someone stealthy, so a Ninja would be ideal, but a Rogue may suffice.
    We need a good player who won't vanish. The party is open-ended and largely freeform so we need someone who can and will post often, as well. It's like Game of Thrones with spiders and big busted Elves.

    Umbralume is a plane untouched by sunlight for over nine millennia. A plane of endless night ruled by and home to all manner of horrors.
    Vampires rule over much of the plane, their Human subjects occupying a role that is a combination and midway point between that of vassal peasants and cattle livestock. Werewolves prey upon Humans by moonlight, both as loners and in packs, oft-times waking the next 'morning' unaware of their activities the past 'night'. The dead are restless in their graves, rising bodily or otherwise to plague the living. The sadistic Drow have long since risen up against their Elven cousins, slaughtering them all and claiming parts of the surface for themselves and their spider goddess; Lolth. All the while the scheming Devils and mortal servants of the Nine Hells plot the subjugation of all in the name of the Enemy, while the vile Demons of the Abyss threaten to corrupt and destroy all; living, dead, and those in-between.
    And amidst it all, by moonlight and torchlight, faith and tenacity, luck and skill, the Humans of Umbralume try to do what they have always done - survive. Mobs of pitchfork and torch wielding peasants are aided by experienced and elite crusaders and slayers in their endeavors to keep Humanity from becoming someone's meal and maybe, just maybe, drive the night and all its horrors from Umbralume and live to see a sunrise.
    And yet Humanity is assaulted from within as well as without. Necromancers seek to bend the dead to their own nefarious purposes, while mad stitchers and alchemists ply their arcane trades with little care or concern for consequence. Worst of all, there are those who consort willingly with Vampires and Fiends, in hopes of gaining power, pleasure, or perhaps, simply, a small measure of safety.
    What a horrible night to have a curse.

    Essentially Umbralume is a spooky plane with an aesthetic and tone that's a mashup of Gothic Horror, Gothic Culture/Gothpunk, and Tim Burton-esque aesthetics. Race at the moment is Human only, really. At the moment, the party could really use a Fighter, but a Barbarian or even possibly a Psychic Warrior are possibly acceptable. The party at the moment is Mishkala Trelaozigh, a Drider Assassin, Lucia, a Cleric, and Titian Sanzio, an Alchemist.

    Korshim had always been full of life - for a given value of the word 'life'. The gods of craft and artifice who created the plane having inevitably let their divine creativity shine through. From the beginning, then, Korshim was a world full of metallic pantomimes of natural environs, a world of quicksilver seas and iron hills. As the terrain of the plane mimicked the environs of other material planes, so too did the constructs forged in its great forges.
    As the demiplane was demilitarized - for its initial purpose was to produce constructs and weapons to be used in the Cataclysm - the Makers - as the gods who built it had come to be known - left Korshim in the care of their agent and executor, Kaliz. Kaliz and the System it presides over has been charged with the maintenance of Korshim's environs, the production and recycling of it's native population both mindless construct and sapient Warforged, and with the general well-being of the plane. For ages Kaliz and its System have presided over Korshim as impartial and nigh-ineffable guardians, never interfering with the mundane affairs of the Warforged and their nations, and simply ensuring that Korshim itself functioned as it ought.
    The game has changed.
    Centuries ago the Demon Lord Abhoth came to Korshim. Though the System managed to trap Abhoth beneath Mt. Voormithadreth, the great Demon had already loosed upon the world his dread curse; the Plague of Flesh. This magical affliction does as its name suggests and converts inorganic metals into living flesh. The Warforged and Constructs afflicted by the disease gradually mutated into mindless horrors slaved to the will of Abhoth. However this final transformation was not rapid in the early days, allowing these Fleshlings time to breed. Enter the Fleshborn. Though born of the afflicted, and Fleshlings themselves, the Fleshborn do not carry the Plague of Flesh, retain metallic parts, and are fully sapient and free willed.
    The System had initially ignored the Fleshborn and allowed the various Warforged nations of Korshim to determine for themselves how to handle these strange new creatures.
    Until now.
    Recently Kaliz has done the unprecedented and directly made a new demand of all Warforged - kill the Fleshlings, all of them. Fleshborn or Afflicted, all Fleshlings are now the enemies of the System and of Korshim. Warforged Loyalists and the Servitors of the System now wage a campaign of genocide against the Fleshborn. Some Warforged have rejected this call to action and believe that Kaliz has gone mad with power and that it no longer represents the will and intent of the Makers and have thus come to the aid of the Fleshborn, plunging Korshim into war.
    Worse, still, the Plague of Flesh has changed. The disease now advances rapidly, what once took months now takes days or weeks. Even more worrying, the Afflicted have begun to show strange new forms. Abhoth seems to be growing in power.
    Korshim is in turmoil. The Plague of Flesh roils across the demiplane as the Warforged and Fleshborn alike are beset by war. All the while the System finds itself struggling to continue in its normal duties while simultaneously dealing with Abhoth's renewed strength and the genocide of the Fleshborn.

    Basically a metal world with a fantasy cyberpunk feel. Playable races are the Warforged, Warforged Scouts (lighter, Halfling sized, Warforged) and Fleshborn of various sorts. The party so far consists of a Fleshborn Soulknife, a Warforged Artificer, and I think a Warforged Bard, unless Cake changed his mind. In terms of classes, there's a good range available. We have two openings.

    Party B, which is like A but with less baggage and ~all gurls~ has an opening for one more player.
    Party E, which is Arabian Adventures basically, has an opening for one or maybe two more players.
    Party F, which is crazy crusaders, has an opening for maybe one more player; a Rogue. Deus vult!
    Ugarit, which is a pirates life for you. Has an opening for one more player, ideally an Rogue.
    Voegu, a fairy tale plane. Has at least one opening, maybe two. I'd have included more information but I don't recall off hand which players are still joining. Fail, Blue Dragon, and Bacon - get in touch ya gits.
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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?

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    i would like 2 join drow campaign

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil_Cake View Post
    i would like 2 join drow campaign

    Do you like big boobs? Dragons? Ninja? Martial arts? Wizards? Then click here and make all your wildest dreams come true!!

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    Playing D&D makes you cool.
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    More players for the T'est would be rad. That regantor person does not mind answering a few questions if humans have any.

    Really it's just like Skyrim in book format.


    With, erm, like, more ninjas and exploration and powerful player shit and hunka-junka and other players and way more freedom. And less... Okay, basically the same ammount of weird glitches. But in a good way.


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    Kodos is willing to pay cash for new players.

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    could I be a rogue or witch in one of em

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    Do you like big boobs? Dragons? Ninja? Martial arts? Wizards? Then click here and make all your wildest dreams come true!!

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    Can I be a weaboo in party A?

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