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Thread: Mkan-bx's wanting opinions

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    Mkan-bx's wanting opinions

    Hello all! I am new here with the new year (yay 2013!)
    Well, I'm working on a one-shot (hopefully) and trying to make it as short as possible as appropriate for a one-shot manga. I tend to detail my work therefore making it longer, so I hope you guys will give me some constructive criticism!

    Question regarding the pictures: Is the perspective ok?I feel like the reaper's leg looks kinda off(same for the mask) and the girl's position is too close to the man...

    i really suck at drawing animal perspective so please input some help?

    Thank you for taking your time with me
    Last edited by mkan-bx; 01-06-2013 at 05:31 PM. Reason: let's focus on my poor artwork instead of my story ^^


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