I had to change 2 tshirts on a retailer store and it was the most awful experience I have ever had. Only 2 people were actually attending everyone, while every other employ was just chatting with each other or watching tv (and if you went to close to them, they escaped). After hours I made someone to attend me, and I asked for the prices of some stuffs (every single thing on the wall had no price tag so I had to ask for every single thing, as I needed to make it the same value as the 2 tshirts), ones I found the shit I wanted they made me go to a different place for a ticket of the tshirts, same thing happened again, only 2 people were working, and I had to wait till my turn. Ones I was attended they told me I had to go to a different section to get a tick, I went, got the ticket, went back for the product, wait so one of the 2 only people working could attend me, then they told me my ticket doesn't work because apparently they gave me a wrong ticket, so I went back to the place I got the ticket.

It took me 3 hours to change 2 tshirts for some headphones. Is this normal? If so, why people prefer to go to this big retailer stores? And why is no one working (except few people who attended everyone)? How do you deal with these things? Do you have a tactic to make it through it?

At least I didn't faced one of those angry customers who get fights with anyone who pass in front of them.