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Thread: mikiyell's ART, I would appreciate critiques!

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    mikiyell's ART, I would appreciate critiques!

    Hello, I have visited this forum for a while now but only recently decided to make an account so I could post some of my own art. I would be delighted to receive some constructive criticism.

    I spent a few hours on this image mainly coloring it.

    This one I am not as happy about, but since I didn't reference anything when drawing the bodies I would appreciate feedback on the anatomy.

    I posted these on deviantart also but so far it seem impossible to get any attention there....

    Your comments would be much appreciated.
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    Overall your drawings look GOOD... they are cute and i love that ...especially the top one and the girl in bottom one...
    ok the problem is that
    1>>>>>your lines are a bit of NOT UNIFORM ( i mean they are not so SMOOTHLY CURVED) most of it
    2>>>>>Your line art has some thick lines .....
    3>>>>> About coloring yeah yeah looks good but try adding shades.....
    good luck and hell yeah you will improve more ...

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    It's good you're trying difficult perspectives/angles like in the first one! The colouring is a good start, but like trilok said, try adding a wider variety of colours - so far you have one shade and one highlight colour - some shadows are darker than others, same for highlights, so try to add a few different shades. Make sure to use different values in your shades too, to make it stand out more. I'd say don't worry too much about the thick lines depending on the style you're going for, because I personally really like the effect the thick lines have on the girl in the second picture as for the anatomy of the second picture, I would definitely suggest finding a similar reference for the guy, as there's quite a lot of anatomical errors - as I've already written quite a bit I'll leave it to someone else / you looking at a reference to see it

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    Hi! Welcome to the critique corner!! I ALWAYS recommend using references! Especially for beginners and people who aren't very familiar with human anatomy. Great advice so far. I'm gonna bit a little more specific:

    On the first: Her Head is too big for the body. Her eyes are too far apart. The hair just seems really flat on her head. She only seems to have one breast. Her ears are different sizes. She doesn't seem to have a neck. Her hips don't connect well or evenly with the thighs (under the bar) at all. Also, where are the rest of her legs?! O.O The pod just cuts them off.

    On the second: The bodies are a bit too short for the heads. The arms are to short and too thin. I don't understand the sharp angle of hair on the top of the girl's head. The guy's body's really wiggley like he's made of jelly. I don't know what the blurry blobs on the floor are supposed to be (sharpen those up)

    You have a lot of potential and have some great imagination. For now, I think you should work on more intricate coloring and human anatomy Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks for the comments, yeah I had a lot of trouble trying to make smooth lines. I read somewhere that it's easier to make smooth lines when you draw with your arm instead of your wrist so I might try that. I also agree that I need to work more on adding more shades and values. I've been trying to imitate the cell shading style used in animations but I might be better off trying to shade things more realistically. As far as the anatomy for the guy in the second picture I think I do see the errors your talking about and will try to find some more reference pictures for my next drawings.

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    I've uploaded a new piece of work. With this piece I was mainly working on achieving smoother line art. I experimented with adding more shades to it but It ended up looking really ugly so I think I'll hold off on more shades until I get a better handle of blending in photoshop. Also if you are wondering about the look on her face, originally I had a background where she was crossing a street and noticed a couple of school mates making fun of her. I ended up scraping the background because it was taking too much time and frustrating me

    Please let me know what you think of this image. Again I thank everyone for their critiques and comments.
    For next time I think I may try drawing some full body characters.
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    Very good. But I have some things I would like to point out:
    1. The mouth. You have drawn her in a 3/4 view, but her mouse is placed like if you had drawn her in front view. If you drawing a curving line from the top of her head down through her nose and to her chin, and then place the mouth on that line, it will look more natural.

    2. Her ear. Her ear way too round. It's like you drew a circle and erased half of the circle and that was the ear.
    If you look a this picture (found on the web) you can see that the ear is more of and oval than a half circle. Keep that in mind.

    Otherwise really good job! Keep it up!

    Oh yea, I have another suggestion.

    Try adding more shading. I can see you have the regular shadows and then the highlights, I suggest you try adding a second shadow.
    I have taken the liberty to draw ontop of your fine drawing, to quickly show you what I mean with a second dark shadow.
    The red lines are were I suggest that you add that extra shadow
    .. of course you need to consider where the lightsource is coming from, and how the shadows will behave. I didn't do that, I just quickly drew something to show you what I mean.
    Oh, and try using the shadows to simulate where the folds will be. I did that quickly on the shirt and the west thingy..

    Hope you'll find this useful. ^^

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    The face appears to be drawn in a 3/4 fashion, however some of the features are placed as if it was straightforward. In particular the mouth and the chin, they should both be moved more to the left, I also think her left eye could do with some more horizontal thinning. Lastly her cuff also seems to be placed as if straight forward despite the fact the torso is turned, try to imagine the clothing wrapping around her form, that should make it easier to envision and place.
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    for the girl's hair, the shadow looks a bit off from her left side. i'm talking about the top part. it's a bit too much of a straight line where you darkened her hair.

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    A few more sketches, this time mostly unrefined stuff. I'm trying to find a good system for the under drawing. Lately I've been drawing cube type shapes to help me position the figure in 3d. Thank you guys for all the great advice.
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