This game came out on steam and it seems pretty neat. The idea is that it's a co-op game where you are a wizard who can combine elements to cast spells. The catch is that friendly fire is always on and its really easy to kill yourself or your teammates. It sounds bad but it is really hilarious.

One of my favorite things is that the game doesn't take itself too seriously. It's actually pretty funny as you will see in the trailer.


Now the spell combination system seems like a minor bullet point but it really is the defining feature of the game. So you can combine fire and earth to throw a ball of molten rock, or you can get enemies wet and blast them with lightning.

Where it goes wrong is what makes the game fun though. Say you accidentally get yourself wet right as a teammate casts lightning. Now you're fried. Say you fire a beam of arcane light and an antsy team member fires an opposing element your way. The beams collide, causing an explosion that kills everyone.

This RPS article outlines many possible scenarios where you die horribly.

RPS Article:

That being said I haven't bought the game yet because I am broke. But there is a demo you can play, and if anyone likes it we should play co-op once I get it.