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Thread: M-Linfa's Hobby Corner (Cooking, Cosplay, BJD, photography ...)

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    M-Linfa's Hobby Corner (Cooking, Cosplay, BJD, photography ...)

    The title says pretty much everything, since my (too many) hobbies don't fit in any other section I'll put the pictures here. I'll try to upload what I can upload, for example : besides from drawing, cooking and everything mentioned on the title I also really like swimming and playing violin but I guess you won't be interested in seeing a cow diving ungracefully nor do you want to listen to something that'll give you a headache.

    For starts, here is a short (yaoi) picture story that I made this summer. I didn't want to create a gallery in the critique section for the moment, plus these are just scribbles so there isn't much to be criticised. WARNING GORE CONTENT:
    SPOILER! :

    I don't even know what dish this is, it's actually small toasts with ketchup+mayonnaise then shrimp on the top, It tried to make it look nice (that's my main goal when I cook) and since I was really hungry that day it tasted good :
    SPOILER! :

    Zera (a D.O.Teenager Code02 head on a 70 cm D.O.Idol body ) sleeping on my lap :
    SPOILER! :

    Evil Face-up on a Elfe BJD head :
    SPOILER! :

    That's all for today, I'll get more pictures from my facebook once the quota for my proxy is refreshed (yeah, cuz I don't have access to facebook in China)
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