meow to all! I'm new here, hope this is the right thread to post in? Hope you guys are open to vampires like me? Lol anyway, I'm really glad to be apart of MT! Used to study tutorials on the old site when I was in junior high and it was super helpful! And as things advance so has MT! So glad to be here! Hope to meet some awesome fellow artists,learn and be inspired! I love manga,anime, video games of course lol mostly Nintendo when it comes to games lol reading, writing, drawing, watercolor painting, dancing, acting modeling,singing,photography,burlesque and so much stuff! Japan and India rocks! Lol have many pets at home, live in NYC really would love to make new friends with similar interests its always refreshing to do that! Anything else please message me as I'm new here and still learning whats what around here though I learn fast lol would love any help! Lol very greatful for Rio and all moderators, admins, etc without you all this couldn't exist, domo arigato, yes? Lol