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Absolutely nothing will/is going to happen. We'll just keep changing dates until it doesn't happen three times in a row. See the rapture predicted by Harold Camping in 1994, and May 2011, and when that didn't happen, he proceeded to change the date to October 2011.

That also didn't happen.
Y2K didn't happen, none of the predicted dates before happened, the rapture didn't happen, aliens didn't happen, this won't happen.
Well of course nothing is going to happen, these end of the world predictions are just a means of making money off of idiots.

And the reason why Y2K didn't happen is because computers keep track of time in miliseconds, so going from the year 1999 to 2000 doesn't really phase them. But if you have a 32-bit computer the year 2038 will be a problem for you.