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Thread: im a writer looking for a manga artist

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    im a writer looking for a manga artist

    ok so my name is Ryan and i am looking for a manga artist like the title says. i have the plot of the story down and i have five chapters that are written down as well its going to be in a fictional world that i created its going to have fantasy a lot of action and it will have a little bit of cyberpunkish related material and its going to have a lot of Greek elements to it. i am going to let the artist design the things the way they want to however there are some things i already have designed well in my head lol. like for example i have some clothing designs that i want to put in and i know what the four main characters are going to look like. but i believe other than that the artist can design everything else the way he or she wants to and i also have a map of the world that i created (its kind of bad lol).

    But anyway i live in Virginia and if you live in Virginia or any state that's close to Virginia or in NY we could work things out. i was hoping that one day when we get this manga finished we could get it published and once or if it sells we could split the profits 50/50 sounds even right? i know this all seems far'fetched but you never know what the future holds.
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