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Thread: New Years Card Exchange!

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    New Years Card Exchange!

    K so guys I was talking to Indescribable and she thought up this awesome idea of a New Years card exchange. I'm really down for this, I think it's an awesome idea, so I will be taking charge of this with Indescribable's permission.

    What is a New Years card exchange?
    It will work similarly to MT's Secret Santa. You can sign up then a PM will be sent to you from myself asking for an address for the card to be posted to. Note that all information given to me will be strictly confidential and the only time I will be giving out the information is to your assigned Sender. By signing up to this, you agree and consent to this taking place.

    What do I have to do?
    You will either make a card or buy one if you prefer. Simply write in the card, maybe a few doodles (we are an art community after all), write the given address to you on the envelope then send that badboy through the post! Make a post in the main card exchange thread stating what day you sent the card, then post in the thread again when you have received your card, or thank the sender personally, and you're done!

    So where do I sign up?!
    This thread is basically to see if there's interest or not. If there is enough, I will set up a thread in the Contest & Activity section then post a link in this thread for everyone to sign up.

    I know that some people may be uncomfortable with giving out their address, but again I stress that no information will be posted publicly. Only myself and your sender will be aware of your information. All business will be handled through the MT PM's.

    I really hope there's interest in this cause I'm really enthusiastic about this!
    Cheers guys~~
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