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    I think This is going a little bit more slender this time. I spend more time thinking into the pre drawing stage I'l have a little breather for a while. Getting back to this piece later.
    I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to do the waiste/leg area properly but I'l do my best.

    *edit*(actually right after this post I decided not to wait and continued the drawing Probably spent around 2 hours more well I didn't have my attention on anything else. But I don't think what I've done looks right so I'l correct the mistakes meanwhile/ or study it some more.
    Its not that the picture really looks wrong, its just its not what I pictured, or the movement feels wrong to what I wanted.
    The picture isn't finished also. I just got around to the hands I could probably fix them When I dedicate some more time to it later.
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    I like that pose there, but one of the problems I see is that the body is not proportionate to the head. So either the head is too long or the body is too short. I'm confused as to whether you used the sketch above, because your pose seems to have changed when you lined it. Instead of the body facing the left side, he torso and the where you placed the overlapping of her clothes indicate that she is facing the right side. Her left arm in the picture above seems to be going back and holding a scythe, but there is no scythe in the second picture.
    Something you could try doing is building the body without clothes to practise the basics of anatomy. Practise makes perfect
    Good job so far though , I really like her hair, she is really pretty.

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    I orgionally drew the picture without clothes then drew the clothes over the top maybe I'm not very good at knowing what to show in terms of lines. Considering that I'd probably be able to do it better in colour.I know the picture has changed a little around the torso and possible the legs. Admittedly when I look at it now ( after a few pints with my family ( the rare ocansion where I decided to accept my mums offer to come to the pub with my family) I can see that the head looks abit bizzare. I'm not sure if its cause some of the lines are hidden by the shoulders/hair. But I could extend the head backwards abit and maybe lift some around that region to fix it. The scythe isn't in this picture cause I dind't finish drawing it in. At any rate considering how dizzy I am after 3 drinks I don't think I'l be touching the drawing until tommorow unless I settle down . Thanks for the critque.
    Truely when I was drawing I was thinking huh maybe the head doesn't go back far enough or maybe I didn't show enough forehead.

    Editjust studying practising more individual bits/parts/pose's) might be a while before I show something again whilst I practise.

    Edit I lied I couldn't stay away from the piece and Kind of Redid it but I kinda like the overall result.
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