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    I think This is going a little bit more slender this time. I spend more time thinking into the pre drawing stage I'l have a little breather for a while. Getting back to this piece later.
    I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to do the waiste/leg area properly but I'l do my best.

    *edit*(actually right after this post I decided not to wait and continued the drawing Probably spent around 2 hours more well I didn't have my attention on anything else. But I don't think what I've done looks right so I'l correct the mistakes meanwhile/ or study it some more.
    Its not that the picture really looks wrong, its just its not what I pictured, or the movement feels wrong to what I wanted.
    The picture isn't finished also. I just got around to the hands I could probably fix them When I dedicate some more time to it later.
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