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    Ironstroms Help me Loads Thread's

    Currently this is mostly a direct copy over from what I wrote in my introduction thread with advise from Rio to do so, I guess it makes it abit easier since I wasn't entirely sure what to throw down here. I'm relatively confident that I can do certain things, but I'm not super fluid, I'm struggling with arms.elbows, palms/hands not fingers, maybe thigh area' ( oh stuff it most full body stuff) I'm slowly improving but I'm not sure how effectively I can just look at a tutorial and apply it. To the many different angles I attempt on the ocansion. I'm pretty bad at drawing characters that are looking away from you, or have their back to you.(lack of experience)

    These two links are months apart but I really did like nouthing inbetween the dates.
    This one had a base sketch and I tried to do a lineart over it/neaten the idea (suffering anatomy problems that I couldn't physical correct with my knowledge)
    This one was done more recently just for fun one night its not perfect, and I had a few issues, I know I don't draw with any of those stick/guides people use and I probably should but I do struggle to make them demonstrate the correct pose's I try to do.

    Above 2 recent sketch's
    Below Last Gift Art I Drew

    I Had a idea to draw something in the past 24 hours, a character was hiding in a bush face palming another character who was attempting to trim the hedge it was a parody joke of something else. but I couldn't draw the character being face palmed cause it was in the opposite direction of what I'm used to. I didn't know where to start and fell asleep.
    A few anatomy things rubbed off on me quickly from looking at a few guides mainly to do with where to enlarge arms and legs at certain points, but I couldn't use it effectively at all angles.

    Also my characters are 95% of the time orgionals but often come out looking differently inbetween each picture I have a few tell tale methods, but sometimes they appear distinctively different. Like I can make the same character have 10 different look's. More by mistake then intention.

    Edit: Just did this an hour ago in reference to something earlier, I drew orange around questionable areas i know about and some orange lines represent questions or correction lines. But otherwise the entire other character looking away i have no idea how to draw any contour of the body from behind.
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