Well lets see how to start this.

I'm 21 English/Irish/Thai/Japanese born in the Uk I'm A games Designer Studio Joint Owner a rock guitarist experimenter and a art experimenter. I'm somewhat inspired by Vk, Not Entirely gender obvious characters, Fantasy,Sci-fi works, and have a side fandom for Mecha.
I Used to draw allot in my youth my mother is a ex manga artist but doesn't have time for it any more. Much to my dismay, I could previously draw humanoid characters quite well at the age of 7-10, but I stopped doing it for years, until I was 17-18 . The last 3 years I've had binge's of sketch's but every time I encounter successive anatomy issues it destroys me and I take breaks for months at a time. I only really ever do sketch's, and not colour things in cause I'm less worried about colouring, and more worried about fixing anatomy issues.
I really like the idea of paintchat or streaming art, amongst other things or just ways of doing colabs a form of teaching method, the same way friends bounce idea's off each other or work together for a common goal as a form of encouragement.

In terms of what I can do I never find myself short of idea's however I'm never able to put them down correctly on paper, I can do some things okay, but full bodies I struggle with badly, and I often find myself cheating by making my mistake in drawing a part of the image by changing what I intended.

I'd like to maybe find someone on this forum like minded or needs a partner in crime*correction* Art Learning* that I can talk with often, or someone just to help me out when the going gets tough. I tried to push some of my own friends into it but they wouldn't step one foot into the circle of starting. So its pretty Quiet. I do however have close contact with a variety of other artists that commission worthy from deviant art community contacts. However there not really the kind of people I can pester for this sort of learning
That being said I have a Da with around 150 sketches, but I'd like to turn around a new leaf and do full bodies when I can.
I was orgionaly introduced to this site by an artist knick named as Endflux he's a games concept artist that pointed out a few guides to me, but al thou I've looked at them several times I just haven't figured out an approach that works for me in practising them.

These two links are months apart but I really did like nouthing inbetween the dates.
This one had a base sketch and I tried to do a lineart over it/neaten the idea (suffering anatomy problems that I couldn't physical correct with my knowledge)
This one was done more recently just for fun one night its not perfect, and I had a few issues, I know I don't draw with any of those stick/guides people use and I probably should but I do struggle to make them demonstrate the correct pose's I try to do.

Above 2 recent sketch's
Below Last Gift Art I Drew