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Thread: Writer looking for a Shounen Artist

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    Writer looking for a Shounen Artist

    I'm in a search for a Shounen Manga Artist to illustrate a story that I'm in a process of developing. I'm looking for a partnership rather than someone working under me. So, as you probably guessed, it's not a paying job. I've been writing for a few years but never have had anything published yet. I'm looking for someone who'd like to go along on the ride with me and hopefully, create something worthy. This is going to be a looong-term partnership

    Since, this is a story still in development, I can't really say much in the summary :/

    This story revolves around Esau, a young boy who finds himself being able to interact with the 'Dimension', a world that co-exists with their own. Together, with his new friends, he'll discover more about his past, his connection with the 'Dimension' and will go through many obstacles. Set place in a time and world very different than ours, you'll find yourself immersed in this fictional world.

    If you'd like to know more or wish to collaborate with me, reply or e-mail me at
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