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Thread: toasts art: fresh from the toaster. c+c plz *NEW:* color halp, plus doodles

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    erka: thankyoou!! <3
    noodlesoup: thankyou too!! aaah!
    gunz: gracias dude! cant lose the trippiness
    sylux: not yet, my dear sylux, not yet
    clock: yeah when I was drawing it, I had a feeling you'd like it lol. something about the weird animal species
    bya: lawl thankyou! <3 you're awesome too maan. I used SAI to color that lawl, and yeah I've been using sai for a majority of my stuff (: I like it better than photoshop...
    ruther: thankyou!!!
    scarletlight: thanks! (:
    seefy: darling you already know how to be bolder! <3

    goddammit guys why are you so nice lol. THANKYOU TO ALL

    this has to be super quick because I need to get ready! (birthday mang)

    self potrait


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    I would veeeery much appreciate some suggestions on the coloring of this:

    I feel like I haven't been coloring to my fullest potential lately and it's sort of bumming me out. Alsooo advice on the line weight distribution throughout the pic and stuff.

    also I'll link some other doodles I've done lately, but I don't really want critics on:

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    I'm getting a psychedelic/angsty vibe from this :}
    and I'm really diggin the eyelashes for some reason.
    I can't really comment on your lines since the weight and jagged feel is stylistic,
    It looks rad man, but I'm looking at the shorts and it's feeling
    a bit 2-D, a little flat in comparison to the entire picture (I think it's the colours ;oo)
    Also, I suggest getting my homey to dentist.
    that is all. C: and wb <123

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