erka: thankyoou!! <3
noodlesoup: thankyou too!! aaah!
gunz: gracias dude! cant lose the trippiness
sylux: not yet, my dear sylux, not yet
clock: yeah when I was drawing it, I had a feeling you'd like it lol. something about the weird animal species
bya: lawl thankyou! <3 you're awesome too maan. I used SAI to color that lawl, and yeah I've been using sai for a majority of my stuff (: I like it better than photoshop...
ruther: thankyou!!!
scarletlight: thanks! (:
seefy: darling you already know how to be bolder! <3

goddammit guys why are you so nice lol. THANKYOU TO ALL

this has to be super quick because I need to get ready! (birthday mang)

self potrait