hey guys! sorry its been like a gajillion months, I got lazy..<_<

gunz: thanks dude~! it actually came out more of how I thought this rainbow I saw on a cd looked really pretty so I wanted to color it. and then this shit came out lol
renzo: lol thanks man
yara: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh maybe the lines or something? I dont know xP its cool that you find some type of similarity though!
rio: the unsymmetrical head is purposeful lawl, I don't go for perfect head and face symmetry, thats not my thing. about the tree, on the left I was just kind of doodling around, and I see what you mean about the top and bottom of the tree. the composition isn't the best considering I was just doodling and adding whatever I felt like ahah, so this was kind of on the spot. but thankyou! I'm glad you like the colors and the fact that my attempt at making something avant-gardeish is working! (:
pwhit: thanks dude yessir it was intentional, although I wish I kind of emphasized it more so it was more obvious that it was intentional lol. and about paranoid, thanks for the idea dude. I actually wish I would have done that!
gunz: thanks again :3
jessicaowl: thankyou!

now I've drawn a whole bunch of crap since this post, so im just going to pick out the things I find best. I guess if you want to see everything, check out my deviantart which is in the first post

I'm not a punk---> http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/20...ne-d3dgfai.png
this image is huge soo

of course I have to post this although he already posted it
best gif ever, I want to make more animations