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Thread: Proofreader/Deviant Editor Willing to Accept Points as Payment (Closed for now)

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    Cool Proofreader/Deviant Editor Willing to Accept Points as Payment (Closed for now)

    Hello there everyone...

    I am looking for a proofreader/editor who has a deviantart account and is willing to accept points (deviatnart money) as payment.
    I am willing to pay 80 points (or 1 usd) per 500 words that i make you proofread...

    The proofreader/editor preferred requirements:
    • Has an account at deviantart
    • Is willing to accept points as payment (we can still haggle over the prices, i can pay you more when i feel like you're doing me really good)
    • Is comfortable with writing fantasy with lots of reference to mysticism, occult, and some violence
    • Has sample work (to know credibility)
    • Will not dictate on author's story
    • Will not criticize author's disability to write well (I already feel sorry for myself so please... have mercy)
    • Vows that he/she wont steal original author's ideas

    thanks... hopefully someone will be interested...
    I haven't posted this in deviantart yet because i think people here are more trustworthy. But if a week has passed and no one's interested then maybe i'll just post there.

    Thanks again
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