Hah hah! The page finally loaded today so I ended up reading it. (No I can reply without being a dirty rotten spammer)

Wow... that... was... disturbing.

What I find the most creepy about it is that I know three guys my age who could end up like that... they're all nerds. One doesn't really have any friends, is (mentally) immature and has a little brother who is much more responsible than he is. He looks up to his little brother. The other one was super dependant on his mom, but she died in a terrible car crash almost two years ago. The little bro is now in a wheel chair, and the middle brother became the "leader" of the family. This dude, the oldest, got addicted to porn and is now off somewhere, a ward of the state. He has a girlfriend who is very insecure in herself, and she controls him. (This girl got pregnant by another dude, who was also quite creepy. A bookish, immature guy who was in some ways intelligent, but in others...) The third guy is the weirdest, partly because of the way he (used to) act toward this one girl who he had a crush on. Now it's not so bad. He doesn't have a Dad and idolizes his older brother... who fell off the deepend there until he joined the marines.

Oh yeah, then there's a man at our pool who used to stalk my swimteam coach. (He's like, 50?) We're convinced he's a pedophile. He seems paranoid. Why they haven't taken him away someplace yet is a mystery to me.

Very interesting, this story. I wonder if all those guys ^^^ think in such fragmented thoughts. Always justifying their actions and emotions. Very disturbing. It's not hard for me to believe it's true, although some of it seems improbable.