Hey guys!

So lets not bury our heads in the sand, shall we? Christmas is coming up fast and if you're like me, gift buying can be either enjoyable, stressful or a mix of the two. I for one am struggling this year as money is tight. I'm warming to the idea of handmade Christmas gifts, but at a low cost.

I thought this thread would be a good idea for us all to post ideas, opinions, tips and tricks or anything else to help each other out in the festive season! Maybe if you see something on a special offer? Post it here! Figured out a way to save money and still get impressive gifts? Post it here! We're an artistic community and this is our forte so lets jump right in!

I'll start.
I went to a notebook binding class the other day and it is ALOT easier than I imagined. Here's some pics.

So I thought maybe I could make some of these for my friends and family. Bling them up with some rhinestones, stitching, etc? I dunno. Alot of my friends are in uni so I thought if I used lined paper it would help for notes or as a little diary.