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Thread: Im In Need Of A Better Artist,Than Myself

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    not all people should need incentives or want something to get something done.I met one of the best writers I've ever seen through just showing them my story.

    I'm not saying your not a chill dude or anything,just saying,some people do things just because they like to,and they wish to get better.I wanna find people like that,people who read my story and decide,regardless of incentives.

    But,not everyone needs,or should,need incentives.Some people just do it for the fun of things.I want people who can read my story and know exactly what it can become,and join me based on that,not on incentives.Your words just sound very discouraging,because your assuming everyone will treat me the same.

    My mainpoint is that,there are a lot of "experienced" people on this site,and Ihave no doubt that they know what they're talking about,so Ido take things into consideration.I think it'd be diffrent if everyone who's said this was published,but most aren't,so I mean...

    - though thanks for the advice no hard feelings.

    @celestialfox.Lol,probably.I understand that everyone's trying to guide me on here,I do,and I appreciate it.Though,idk,about the attitude thing,its a pretty fair argument,andy I respect everyones thoughts and or opinions.But if you feel that way,I cant stop you.

    So,as things stand,everything anyone needs to look at will be on the first page,provided in the links.

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