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    So I have to learn all that if I even want to be halfway decent at art? Seems like too much of a burden, and where are your drawings at Joosh? Oh right... You removed them all.
    It is not a burden if you enjoy the process. If you don't enjoy it, I would suggest you to not try to tackle drawing or art production, as you will feel it as a burden and it will only going to make you unhappy. You could do writing, music and many other things, try to find what you enjoy to learn, because no mater what you pick, its going to have a lot to teach you and you must enjoy the process.

    Also, try to not offend people by saying "Some faggot ass concept artist", because first I find quite poor and insulting using the word faggot, and second because stating your complain only restrained to "concept artist" only shows what little you might know (specially because concept artist don't really need to be great artist on the first place).

    And finally, I don't understand why are you asking for Joosh drawings, if you try to bring other people work to mock of them or to try to look superior than them, I would suggest to try other person than Joosh, who is really good.

    Be aware that this is the critique alley, and if you post art work here you need to be ready to take critiques, as people who post here are doing it to get better, and so, if you want to get better you must learn, learn from tutorials and rules. So you might don't want to post things here if you are not ready to take other peoples critiques.
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