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Thread: Unused manga ideas?

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    Unused manga ideas?

    this thread is for any manga ideas you came up with (no matter how lame) that you didn't use for whatever reason. Who knows maybe someone else could use them or collide ideas.I have one too.

    genre: Supernatural
    Well, a psychic predicts a war between two neighbouring countries so the government naturally wants the upper hand so he starts an organization for the gifted. For people like Mayu (the psychic) with supernatural powers. The school promises to teach them to weild their powers but they don't know that they're just about to be used like pawns on a chessboard. Also to avoid suspicion Mayu is locked away and guarded so the secret does't get out. But, someone else knows everything that has happened due to her power, her power is random knowlage being randomly thrown into her mind, and its about her trying to stiop the appending war.

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    We had a thread identical to this awhile back. It died. I think this would be more helpful as a general idea dump and writing prompt thread than just an old idea thread.

    After all, we abandon old ideas for good reasons.

    1. A legendary hero of prophecy defeats an emperor and takes his place. Then the hero finds out that everything the old emperor did was right and the hero's perception was warped by self-importance. Now he has to stop everything from collapsing.

    2. Aliens invade Earth. They're less than a centimeter square, and they decide there's no way they're going to take the planet from the humans. So they enslave mosquitoes.

    3. Someone creates a machine that can pretty much make any dream a reality. That someone dreams that all humans turn into sentient cats. So all humans turn into sentient cats.

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