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Thread: Hikikomori

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    theme song of da thread

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    I'm not a hikkomori, but I can see thge reasons for either considering yourself/becoming one

    most of my friends IRL just think I'm weird. I've never really managed to click with anyone completely becuase I have a kinda odd outlook on people and socialisation in general. I don't find it hard to make what i'd call aquaintances (spelled that wrong >.>) but I've never met someone IRL who actually gets how i see things. I think society is currently extraordinarily self centered because it makes people fell like that deserve reward which in turn benefits business. However, i can't say I've lost fate in society because I can't say whether I'm better then society, and therefore have the right to judge societie's worth. the issue of fairness is more important to me than liberty.
    collectin my fav quotes.
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    Sheesh, you people and your superiority issues.


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