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Are you calling people who might have a problem and are not able to integrate to society as expected, tumors?
No, I'm just using it as an analogy. Society exists because of people, if a person shut herself away from society she will cease to do her part for society, but society will not cut her off. That's very much the case of a cell in a body that is afflicted with cancer. I didn't think about the very negative attribute of the word itself, and it is not my intention to make people who have trouble fitting in feel like they are cancer.

However, if we find it difficult to integrate and communicate with the people around us, and we come to the conclusion that it's probably so because they don't understand us, just remember that Ockham's razor suggest that the fault lies with us. Neither is it a matter of pretending to be something other people like, it's about changing yourself until you are something that both you and other people like. Because yes, to tie into BunnyVoid's initial post, I think that people that have artistic pursuits are more in danger of becoming secluded than people with more social interests, and if we as artists can't understand other people, how are other people going to appreciate our art?