I've been lurking for a bit, seen a few threads, and decided (not counting the introduction thread) to get involved.

First off, and this is more of another small semi-introduction than anything, what I want to get most out of this isn't insane-level good. I've checked out the 'Let's Exercise!' thread and more than once I felt like simultaneously crying and breaking my tablet when I compared myself to what those guys had done. I want, mainly, just to be able to look at my own work and say "Yes. I am happy with this." Considering my personal standards are quite low, this won't be exceedingly difficult.

I guess, on a more technical level, what I'm aiming to improve on (and this is a very narrow selection) is folds, shading, anatomy (as always) and a little bit of perspective. So pretty much the most difficult and hardest-to-master parts.

Now, onto the actual art. In chronological order up until now, we have...

The first thing I ever drew with my new graphics tablet. Considering I had used a graphics tablet for a total of about three hours before this, it was...different.

Before I learnt how to turn off the pen pressure, this was my second thing.

I got hell bored at TAFE one day, so I knocked this out with a mouse.

Tablet again. Not...TOO unhappy with it, I guess. Could be worse.

I'm actually pretty happy with this one, which is weird considering it's still nothing next to most other ones I've seen on here. Still, it's the first one I bothered to put a lot of time and effort into, what with the background and all.

And that's all I've done to now. I hope you guys can pick apart my pictures - I actually really want to see what I can improve on. I know it's a long road, but I'm glad I found this site with people like all of you help me.

Until next time,

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