Your points are valid. In my own mind, I can create images ranging either 2D or 3D but I have yet to prove that in an art form (atm). I understand working from copied arts can harm the potential of growth if I only rely on those, but there's a good reason why I use references. In my best interest, I try to understand the concepts by explaining them to myself. "Okay if the light source is coming at an angle, it effects the 'object's' shadow, depth and even color. So the area of the shadow is highlighted 'here' etc". I'll keep that in mind for future drawing's.

The references used is located on the deviantart page. Others used without the sources are located in various pictures scattered around the internet. Oh, I may also note that all of my thoughts are posted as the author's comment, it's important to take a look at it first.

Hmm, that's odd, I was told that 6 heads was the adverage size? What size are you reffering to if you don't mind me asking?
I'm still not quite sure if I understand what you are talking about her facial features. Can you explain it more clearly?
I'm still trying to not get that 'shaky' art but it does happen. Assuming this is the inked art and not the pencil one... I do make mistakes and this is somthing that I can reduce more often in time. It's good that you and I can notice the tiniest detail in things like that- which I often flip out when that does happen lol.
The hydra should be explained in my dev comment. Just to narrow it, it was too asbstract as a concept I almost didn't want to show it because that artwork was done somewhere in april. But at the same time I kinda did because it was an original idea- but with the wrong proportions, not knowing how mecha's work, bad design in general if used for final.

Thank you for the advice, but big thumbs up for noticing those minor mistakes that both of us can see. Oh, also about the artworks, I am working on one that is just for studying and I know I haven't been able to post now, because of schoolwork. I'm appreciated that I have these flaws so I can quickly get started on them, but there's just so many that I don't even know which one to begin with lol.