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Thread: RedCaliburn's Artwork - Forever Road to Improvment

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    RedCaliburn's Artwork - Forever Road to Improvment

    Hi, I'm new here. I've been lurking sometime around this area quite a bit. I've decided to join because you guys have some awesome artwork, or excellent references to idea's and concepts that I could possibly use in the future. I've been drawing since I was a child and I'm still trying to learn/improve everyday. I'm not a crazy anime fan, but for years I have been wanting to be able to do and draw everything that is either realistic or cartoon/anime/western, etc. I draw in both traditional and digital; photoshop and illustrator is what I'm working on, so I may need a hand setting it up. This is my first time ever posting on any website to get critiques because I'm more of an indepedent artist who's learning on her own. ^^;

    I'd also appreciate any kind of feedback- in fact, give me your harshest crtique; even if it sounds mean, but that's how I learn, so that I understand what I am doing wrong and I will be willing to improve on it. It would be nice to let me know what you like about a particular peice/style etc. I also like looking at references or using visual guides like red lineing to see things that I clearly messed up or I did not see. I will promise to you and myself that I will get better and only better, thank you everyone .

    Here's some artwork to begin with, I will post more in the future for sure.

    Warwick sketch

    References used to sketch these animals to study a little bit of fur.

    Orianna sketch I did for my friends birthday

    (origional peice of work) Ancient mechanical Hydra thing...

    Some Capcom art that I heavily used for references, or to be copied to study/practice techniques.

    Ibuki sketch/concept Art
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