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Thread: I Stole The Cookie Game

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    I Stole The Cookie Game

    The MT forums have been eerily vacant of Forum Games, so I introduce one of the many ones I will introduce: I Stole The Cookie Game. Fairly simple, just post how you steal the cookie from the above possessor example:

    Poster Two: I slap Poster One with a dead fish and I happily skip away with the cookie.
    Poster Three: I slap Poster Two with a LIVE fish and I heroically walk away.

    1. Nothing gruesome...
    2. Be creative.
    3. And have fun with it!
    4. Please, no references about poop, throw-up, or any waste that can come out of the human body. And other types of... well, I' hope you know what I mean. >.>

    I bake a cookie so delicious I decide it is unfit for human lips, so I seal it away in my safe.

    (In case you are still unsure of how to play; you have to find some creative way of getting the cookie from the safe).
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