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I just started reading do androids dream of electric sheep yesterday. I didn't actually like bladerunner, though I've heard there's like 500 versions of it. But the book is rad.
The Director's Cut is, IIRC, the best version. The Final Cut is also worth watching. Any version without the voice-over narration is worth watching, really. It's the theatrical cut that is really unwatchable.

Is it out on blu-ray yet? I actually don't have a blu-ray player ATM so I haven't followed too closely but the blu-ray screenshots of it looked fucking phenomenal.

All that said - Blade Runner is not an easy movie. I can understand and respect someone not liking it. It's very meandering, surreal, and dream-like in its pacing, all with good reason, but the end result is something very surreal and dream-like that doesn't appeal to everyone. The best description of the movie's 'feel' and pacing is one from a fellow Goon - 'it's a movie that doesn't really care whether or not you watch it.'