Hello! Mystic here.

I've been thinking about this manga idea for about half a year, and changed its story a lot... but I finally have a story I'm satisfied with =)

A few things:

1. My english SUCKS. Please forgive me for that!
2. I haven't read a lot of mangas, nor have I seen a lot of anime, so I don't know how much of a cliché my story is.

I call it Magic Factory (I'm not very original with titles, I know xD):

The protagonists are two sisters: Zoe, who is 17, and is a bossy person who often acts without thinking, and her younger sister, Krysa, who is 14 and is rather silly, having a few memory losses* and being easily amused by the (stupidest) of things. They both escaped from their original home at a very young age, and now work at the Magic Factory, the primary source of magic in the whole world.

After an exhausting day of work (I still can't decide what their job is - what I've decided is that they get a very low pay, as their boss, who I'll call 'K', is very greedy and overlooks them), Zoe hears someone talking about performing a plan related with the Magic Gear (the main gear, that makes the whole Magic Factory work properly).

Along with Krysa, they follow the person who was talking about the Magic Gear to what seems like a secret lair with three bandits, who have the Magic Gear in their possesion. In the middle of the desperation, Zoe accidentally breaks the Magic Gear (which, apparently, is very fragile xD), and finds out the "bandits" are actually 'K' and some employees of the Magic Factory.
As a punishment for breaking the Magic Gear (as the factory would know have to run with its magic reserves), 'K' forces Zoe and Krysa to repair it, by any means.

*(I might change the 'memory loss' thing, as I've created another character with both eidetic memory AND lack of short term memory, and don't want two similar characters)

(Can anyone tell me how to add spoilers?)

Ok, now (please) criticize it, rip it apart! I know it's a really cliché story, but manga stories aren't exactly my forte.