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Thread: Critique & beginner-friendly tips please :) (Lazyanttu)

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    Critique & beginner-friendly tips please :) (Lazyanttu)


    So I just started drawing, and posted some results in the Artists Alley. However I would like to hear what parts of drawing I should really focus to improve. I know there is still very much to learn about drawing, but what are my most critical mistakes in following images:

    First image, from sketch to color:
    Second image, from sketch to color:

    In addition I just finished couple of minutes ago the head I use in my current profile picture. I don't have an access to a scanner right now, so I just took a picture of it with my phone, and couldn't color it (because the image quality is too bad), but it is at least a placeholder for now. You can critique it too, if you like .

    There are couple of things I have noted:
    -Drawing hands is very difficult, and my hands look quite deformed.
    -Drawing clothing is very difficult, there is some problems with foldings and such.
    -I don't really grasp the shadowing at all, especially in coloring.

    Is there some techniques I should use/practice, or what to improve? Currently I use pencil and paper, then scan on computer and use GIMP to fill the colors. I appreciate any criticism!
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    I would suggest avoiding the coloured/patterned backgrounds for the time being. The blue one's not too bad, but the brick effect is a bit overpowering and I think you'd do better to get comfortable with colouring your figures first.

    When you're colouring in general, I would also try to keep the pencil drawing on a layer above the base colours. I don't know how comfortable you are with GIMP, but at this stage, I'd suggest having a blank white layer on the bottom, then a second layer you can paint your colours on to, then the pencil drawing on the top layer, with that set to 'multiply'. Doing it that way, you colour under the outlines without fear of disturbing them and thus avoid any little annoying areas of white showing through.

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    Gaff is right. Also you should look at this, and learn figure drawing. Maybe with nudes.
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