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Thread: Critique KunKen's Art

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    Red face Critique KunKen's Art

    These are my first manga drawings, I made them about a week ago. I think they're semi-decent to be my first ones.
    Well, enough talk.



    This is the first one I made, awful camera quality and made in a sketch book.
    Known mistakes:
    1.the shading (I tried to fix the perfect shading when I found out about 2).
    2.The light reflect in the eyes.
    3.I personally dislike the purple hair.




    Awful camera quality,made in sketch book
    Known mistakes
    1.the hands,I didnt know how to make nice hands when I made this one.

    I can't post the other one because I'm at the limit, but the other one is horrible. Thanks for reading.

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    wow, you're pretty good for a first timer!

    before i actually critique the work, here's a piece of advice which i'd like to share in advance... its good that you are critical of yourself for improvement's worth but don't go overboard. Always enjoy the process of drawing art rather than the product of it. You have started good but eventually you will go through a phase with lots of ups and downs with regards to your art. So just keep drawing and good things will come.

    improvement needed:
    1. anatomy, you may need to study actual people references like photos
    2. line consistency and strength, you may need to improve your strokes or get a better drawing medium which you can be more comfortable with
    3. hierarchy of lines, practice drawing smooth and solid strokes with a pen rather than a pencil.

    you've good stuff already and you will definitely get better. don't worry about drawing horrible stuff, all artist have those hehehehe...
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    Thanks a lot, after some practice I'm getting some decent results.
    I started using references from real life, and it's working pretty good as expected.
    Maybe the strokes problem is because I'm just working with some old materials that I found.


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