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Thread: Help with a storyline? Complex story! stumped ;w;

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    Help with a storyline? Complex story! stumped ;w;

    I have a really complex story I've adapted over the years, involving a girl, the siofra, (( Basically a race, where the humans children are replaced with fairy children.)) I need a reasoning for that...but I can't think of what.

    The main characters are a siofra and a dragon, but one particular girl is not injured by the dragon, and the village sees her as some sort of witch and locks the rest of her race up in into slavery, and then sends her to be sacrificed in a certain amount of time.

    I need a reason why she wouldn't be harmed by the dragon...was it something the dragon saw in her? Or maybe she has a charm bestowed on her by some guardian watching over her? Was she born with a taint in her blood that is familiar to a dragon?

    Goodness I am so stumped. The taint idea seems interesting but that would need a reasoning in itself....

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    Maybe she knew the dragon from when it was a baby and looked after it, therefore it sees her as it's mother or something like that. Or you could say that she possesses something which only the dragon sees in her, like a destiny.

    Best thing to do is brainstorm. Start with the topic in which you are stumped and then write all the possible reasoning's for this, write the first things that pop into your head and expand upon it. eventually it will click what kind of story you want.

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    hmmm, well if the girl is a siofra, then maybe the dragon could sense that 'taint' in her blood thing. Seeing as she must have had a fairy family before, then maybe it's like a family trait. Or there is like a curse/guardian over her family's blood. Then it would be possible for her to either know about it or not.

    Brainstorming sounds like a really good idear, this is just what came to me first. Hope you manage to work something out : )

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    Okay, I'm a little confused about this story. You haven't told us that the dragon has attacked anybody. Did the dragon attack a village and was about to kill a girl and stopped and the towns people saw that? Were they sacrificing the girl and the dragon wouldn't accept it? THere's no explanation.
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