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Thread: UPDATE: Vynk: Page 17 and 18!!!

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    UPDATE: Vynk: Page 17 and 18!!!

    Hey guys, this is a web comic that myself and a friend of mine are working on that one day I hope to get to the point where I can publish it online. Here is a rundown of the story:

    Vynk is the story of an entity that has been alive since the first development of life on Earth. An entity that has always known the explanation for all things, who was endowed from the beginning of life with the answer to all the mysteries of the universe and beyond. As life evolved so did he, taking on the form of which ever creature was the best adapted and most intelligent that inhabited our world.

    After 3.6 billion years, during the time of early human civilization, he begins to share his knowledge with us. After many cultures fail to understand his revelation, he finally shares his story with an inmate who has been imprisoned in the Parisian Bastille in 1787. To Vynk's shock and surprise the prisoner understands every word of the explanation. But the inmate has one question: 'What does it all mean?'

    To this, Vynk is at a loss for words. In all the countless centuries of his life, after all the wonders he has seen and known about, he has never pondered such a notion.

    It is after the Parisian inmate hangs himself that Vynk decides that this question is one that must be answered and the search for that answer takes him far away from our Earth, to the very edge of our reality and beyond into realms unknown.

    Vynk is set in a universe which is a mesh between the scientific and mythological that creates a cosmos of far-reaching wonder and unfathomable cruelty.

    Special credit to the artist:

    Łukasz Marko is from Bydgoszcz in eastern Poland. He has worked on many indie comics before, as well as illustrating for video game manuals and is an all round top bloke.

    Anyway, that's enough of that from me, here are the first 10 pages of my first web comic; Vynk. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


    Written by Chris Ruston
    Illustrated/Inked/Coloured/Lettered by Łukasz Marko

    Page 1

    Page 2

    Page 3

    Page 4

    Page 5

    Page 6

    Page 7

    Page 8

    Page 9

    Page 10

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    Sup, old chum?

    A really cool sweeping epic. Definitely classic HOS, but at the same time, I guess I never thought how well your stories would fit in with eastern-block sort of out of body experience stories. I'm guessing this is going to get more beyond the wall of sleep-esk as it progresses?

    The detail in the art is definitely there. I think you are onto a good thing with this one.

    I guess if I had one complaint, it would be that the writing is a bit hard to read in places here. You should make sure that the resolution is a bit too big rather than skirting the limit when it's on your actual site, to avoid problems people are going to get with different resolutions... Then again, I don't know if you are thinking about a paper version of this too, so eh, it's up to you, man.

    Awesomesauce to see you are still at it, at any rate.
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    I like the history involved in this and that the formal, intellectual way of speaking in kept constant through the pages. The scenery is very good, but perhaps so good that the people's designs look a bit amateur when paired together. Just a bit though, but that doesn't really have much to do with you so I don't know how helpful it is. I agree with Reg, the words can be a little hard to read and a couple times there just seems to be too many words per speech bubble. All in all, I think it's really interesting and it has definitely caught my attention, making me look forward to the next part
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    Reg: I'm doing very well, good sir, how are you? Thanks for reading and it's less of an out of body experience story and more of a spiritual entity, but I'll get to that. I've never actually read Beyond The Wall Of Sleep even though I do love me some Lovecraft. I'll have to check it out. I agree that the lettering can be a little cluttered, but I didn't tell him after he finished the page because I just thought I'd expand the resolution. I'm only planning for this to be digital.

    When we get about 30 pages done I'll look at starting up a website and using this as a free comic on it. I may PM you around that time for a bit of advisory help. Cheers, matey.

    JJJ: Thank you for noticing the dialogue, hopefully it makes the character sound erudite and smart. I also agree that the artists backgrounds are better than his characters, but I do like the style of it, personally. The speech bubble problem is there though, I agree, and it doesn't get any better for the next few pages.

    Thanks for reading, I'll add the next 2 pages in a few days.

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    This looks pretty good. Love the art, and totally waiting for the rest of the story. Another webcomic I could get into

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    I feel like this dude's style is really similar to yours, at least in this comic. So its a really nice fit

    how long do you think this comic will be?

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    butternut: Thanks for reading.

    Cake: It will be pretty long, I think. Certainly over a 100 pages, but it will be ongoing as there are a lot of settings within the story. He doesn't even leave Earth until around page 40.

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    I'll mimic Reg's comment about readability. A lot of times "D"s look like "R"s, and that leads to some confusion over tense. But I like this. A lot. The backgrounds are spectacularly beautiful, and there's a wonderful sweeping sense of scale and attention to detail.

    I only wonder, is Vynk link Vink (rhymes with "pink") or is it Vin-ick?
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    Bacon: Glad you liked it, I'll post the next 2 pages in a day or two. It is pronounced V-ink (as in rhymes with 'pink'.) It's explained why he has such a strange name.

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    Page 11

    Page 12


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