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Thread: UPDATE: Vynk: Page 17 and 18!!!

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    Hummm. Pretty cool. The architecture is really strong on page 11 in perticular.

    Writing continues to be radical aswell, it's just hard to say too much without seeing where this is going a little more.

    I'll keep lurking, through, anyways. Keep us informed about when the site goes up, eh?

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    Pages will come a little slower after this, but its all still a go.

    Page 13

    Page 14

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    Uh-oh, a biology lesson.... But, seriously, I've gotta agree with Reg, the backgrounds are superb and the dialogue is obviously well thought out.
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    Page 15

    Page 16

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    Page 17

    Page 18

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    I'm seriously in love with the art style. I would totally buy it if it was in print and save it forever!

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    Holy shit, man. The pallet on that last page is superb.
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