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Thread: Critique g0zar's art.

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    Question Critique g0zar's art.

    Greetings. It's my first post so.. hello
    So I am desperate on getting some critique on my artwork. I already did lineart of an image I set aside to be scrutinized and I need some help identifing any problems you can possibly find, since I can technically still go back to a sketch and re-do some parts of the lineart.
    I decided to create a more complicated shots with an odd perspective that, I believe, could highlight my difficulites in regards to drawing.

    To be specific, I'd like to know if the hand to the left isn't broken (in regards to anatomy). If the hand to the right has a correct perspective along with the leg. (does the leg look like it's comming towards the viewer?)
    Can you tell where the character is, from the background? Or is it too mesy (it will be colored so that won't be a big issue later on but still)
    Do his clothes fold correctly? Anything wrong with the hair? Anything wrong with the face/eyes/chin/etc.

    Thank you for any feedback you can give me.

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    I don't have a lot of experience working with extreme perspective, but at a glance, I wouldn't be sure how you're positioning the figure - specifically, I can't tell whether he's sitting down or standing up. If he's sitting down on a flattish surface, I think we would see both his feet at this point. If he's standing up, I don't think he would be able to balance himself without bringing his head further forward - more like how someone would stand on a surf board.

    Anatomically, the right arm is okay and the left doesn't look broken, but the upper left arm seems to be pulled backwards, despite the left hand being the closest thing to the viewer, which is a bit confusing and suggests the left forearm is longer than the right. Unless there's a specific reason for it, I'd also avoid making the tips of his fingers so bulbous - it looks a bit alien.

    Clothing folds seem fine, as does the face, but the ear seems very far away from his eye. The hair isn't too bad either, but the parting doesn't seem to follow the curve of his head underneath. I'd move the parted bit at the top more to our right.


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