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Thread: Picking up other peoples mannerisms?

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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".

    Picking up other peoples mannerisms?

    Have you ever found yourself using the phrases of copying the way people who you hang around or are forced into contact with do certain things?
    I do t mean like how you do a job or a task because that's more of a required step by step process that you usually should fallow. I mean like how people act or the things they say and do you start to imitate on a regular basis.

    For example at work there's a shit ton of people that use "compa" (Spanish for like buddy. To me it's the Spanish version of "bro") all the time and it's not just the Spanish speaking workers it's people from every nationality which is cool but it sounds so forced and fake when anyone uses it because it's so over used. There's a guy who will walk around and yell out every now and the to who ever he happens to see "come on *insert name*" in a joking are you serious kinda tone and I catch other people doing it every now and then I see my boss do it and it was just jarring.
    I think it's cool that people get along and everything don't get me wrong but this just weirds me out because that is not how they usually act. Be you! Not what you think other people like about more popular people.

    I try not to imitate other people because that's just not me and I would feel awkward trying to incorporate what other people do into my personality. I'm not some special snowflake (no one is special) that boasts 100% originality but I'm just plain old me. People influence you and I see nothing wrong with taking a phrase or some theatrics from something you love like a show music or what ever you are passionate about because that's your love and really who will know unless you point it out. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but why imitate some one that is constantly around you?
    Family is also different to me because half the time this is where you learn your little idiosyncratic behaviors and they stick. This all isint to say that no one should or isint allowed to do this just that I think it's strange and I'm wondering if anyone agrees disagrees or has a thought as to why it's done. If you can sway my stance do so or if you have examples/experiences of this positive negative please share.

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    I read a book once called "How to Make People like You in 90 Seconds or Less". It sounds desperate, but it was actually just explaining how to read body language, etc. But, it had a big section about how "people like people like themselves". It explained how imitating others' tone of voice and body language and phrases make them feel more comfortable around you. It also explained how to use this to manipulate their mood. For example, if someone is angry and yelling and standing up waving their arms around, you can do the same, then gradually soften your voice, sit down, and cross your arms, and the other person will naturally just follow. I doubt this works 100% percent of the time, but I have used it before with success. So, I think picking others' idiosyncrasies can help people relate and also be useful.
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    This kind of mimicry happens naturally to a certain degree. It's just the way most people are. That's why you can live abroad for a while and come home with a slight accent, or start swearing more when you're around people who do so a lot. I personally see it come up in my text conversations a lot. If someone uses a particular type of emote, I'll start using those emotes in conversation with them. For a while there was someone at work who always said "my bad", and I started saying it without meaning to, even though it's an expression I don't particularly like or had used before. Some people are more likely to mimic others, but it doesn't necessarily mean they're doing it on purpose.

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    People are always stealing my sweet moves.

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    I am just an amalgam of other people's stupid stuff

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    people are always stealing my sweet moves

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    Haha that made me laugh.

    Also yeah i pick up little things from other people a lot, probably because i like them.
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