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Thread: Your anime figure collection. What does it look like?

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    Your anime figure collection. What does it look like?

    This thread if for anyone with an interest for anime figures of all kinds, and of course, those who are willing to post pictures of their own anime figures here.

    Lately I've been collecting figures, mainly on animes I enjoyed during the last 3 years or so. And yeah I've been mostly collecting gainax stuff since I like all of em' exept for Evangelion for some reason. I don't have a Gunbuster figure yet but would really be awesome to get. And if I could have a Retro & Pandy(does'nt exist yet) figures I would preorder instantly, it's my fav animated movie. ;_; I really wished it existed. But gotta say my favorite figure is Canti :]

    I miss the camera my dad used to let me borrow. Now I'm stuck with my oldish itouch for photos...

    Ignore the second floor from the top. The pony and all that is not mine. The rest is my old Final Fantasy cwap.

    My current pre orders are A Ryuko figure from Kill la Kill and a chibi card Captor I could'nt hesitate to preorder. And as soon as Satsuki or Mako Bencho appears in preorder I'll jump on em'. I would like some Jojo statues too but right now I've got enough preorders already

    Anyways show me your figures
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