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Thread: Heartbleed Bug

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    Heartbleed Bug

    Some of you may have seen something on the news about this Heartbleed bug with a tonne of emphasis on "change your password or your stuff will get stolen, oh no!"

    In case you were worried, here's basically what it's all about.

    OpenSSL is encryption code, it's open source and developed by a lot of the same people who develop Linux which is what most of the world's servers run on. Approximately 53% of the world servers run OpenSSL.

    Heartbleed reveals the server's memory which is where most sensitive data such as login credentials are stored. Attackers can also obtain copies of the server's digital keys to impersonate the server, intercept traffic, and decrypt information meant for the actual server.

    What does this mean for you? Nothing really.

    Change passwords if that gives you peace of mind, but there's already been an SSL update released and most major sites have either already implemented the update or were not affected at all.

    As for this site? From what I can see there is no SSL certificate (I could be wrong), but it doesn't matter. Who is really going to target a small forum occupied predominantly by users who have no money?

    EDIT: If you want to check out which major sites are affected or unaffected follow this link here.

    Heartbleed isn't that big of a deal; change all of your passwords if you really want.
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    heartbleed isnt the real problem... the REAL villain is.... HACKER DILLON

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    This thing has been going on for 2 years already, changing your passwords now probably isnt gonna do anything.

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    Protip: Be aware of what you do online, the SSL heartbleed patch was made by the NSA, for the NSA. They could be watching and listening.

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    Nah but really, I find it hilarious how big of a deal some people are making this seem, especially when it's already too late to do anything other than 'watch your credit card statements if you're on edge'.
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