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Thread: back again

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    back again

    Hello again, many years ago I frequented this forum, but then fell off of it and my account died. But, I'm back again! Looking forward to getting back in this community!

    In the interim, I've finished a short 40 pg comic,Seedling

    and started a new one called Viola Valley !

    (Also, if there are any moderaters around, i can't seem to edit my own profile, it tells me i'm trying to edit someone else's post or something weird like that. How do I fix that?)

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    *kicks to the curb*

    Do you like big boobs? Dragons? Ninja? Martial arts? Wizards? Then click here and make all your wildest dreams come true!!

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    Welcome back.

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    Don't worry I created my account yesterday ! So Hello !

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    Welcome to the forum VocaloidBase


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