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Thread: Elder Scrolls Online

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    Quest hubs are more along the lines of, "oh no our place is under attack. Please help us do these things to repel the attackers. Also people are injured, make a salve to help with their wounds."

    In combat your target is denoted by a red glow around their body.
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    hub-based mmos are the best thats y i stay playing dragon nest and vindictus

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    Eh, I get the appeal, but not really what I'm looking for, sorry. Neverwinter had exactly this structure and was filled with "complete this entire quest to get some dye and change your clothes colours slightly" crap.

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    PCGamer did a really good review of the game.

    Every modern Elder Scrolls game has had a moment near the beginning where you step out into a new landscape and think I've never been somewhere like this before. In Morrowind it hit as you left Seyda Neen and realised that the road ahead went in two directions, and that you could follow either of them, and that each direction would take you on an entirely different journey through the world. In Oblivion it occurred when you escaped out onto the edge of Lake Rumare and saw the hills rise ahead of you along the road to Bruma. In Skyrim you emerged onto a mountainside with the Throat of the World on one side, the valley of Falkreath on the other, and a dragon in the skies above.

    I have spent thirty hours playing The Elder Scrolls Online and I'm still waiting for that moment. I'm waiting for anything like that moment


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