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Thread: Critique & beginner-friendly tips please :) (Lazyanttu)

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    Critique & beginner-friendly tips please :) (Lazyanttu)


    So I just started drawing, and posted some results in the Artists Alley. However I would like to hear what parts of drawing I should really focus to improve. I know there is still very much to learn about drawing, but what are my most critical mistakes in following images:

    First image, from sketch to color:
    Second image, from sketch to color:

    In addition I just finished couple of minutes ago the head I use in my current profile picture. I don't have an access to a scanner right now, so I just took a picture of it with my phone, and couldn't color it (because the image quality is too bad), but it is at least a placeholder for now. You can critique it too, if you like .

    There are couple of things I have noted:
    -Drawing hands is very difficult, and my hands look quite deformed.
    -Drawing clothing is very difficult, there is some problems with foldings and such.
    -I don't really grasp the shadowing at all, especially in coloring.

    Is there some techniques I should use/practice, or what to improve? Currently I use pencil and paper, then scan on computer and use GIMP to fill the colors. I appreciate any criticism!
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