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    @JJ: Thanks! I redid the hair just like you said. thank you for the constant help you guys offer me.

    @demonfyre: NOTED! Thanks! I redid it like you said. Although i didn't really reduce the amount of gradients i used, I lightened them a bit... Also the hair and the eyebrows (I almost forgot about them) do really need a lot more work. Really big thanks. you guys help me improve everytime you say something.

    This is the edited version. I hope I would hear more tips on coloring, especially soft cell shading.

    The hair was a hard thing to do. I had to redo it for a couple of times. This practice helped me learn a lot about my style. Now i know the techniques i should use to tackle that annoying hair details. But still, I should improve on this technique. Hair still looks lousy.

    Qayin Khevah Head Shot

    Original Sketch:
    SPOILER! :
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