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Thread: BV's Humble Corner (DUMP p10)

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    These are all really good. I would certainly suggest testing some more exaggerated expressions to really bring out the character in your artwork though. Also your hand practice is pretty rad.

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    Great coloring!!! Just a couple little things I noticed:

    In the fight between Havel and Satoshi: Satoshi's shoulder looks a bit dislocated because of the folds on top of his sleeve. Havel far arm looks more gimpy than foreshortened; add a line connecting and folling the line of his upper arm to distinguish betweeen it and his forearm.

    On the sailor: Her thigh (on the left) gets too thin at the bottom. The two finger at her forehead aren't super well connected to the hand and are too thin compared to her other fingers.

    On Cain: The arm going into the pocket's wrist is too thin.

    That's all I have Great job!!
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