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Thread: BV's Humble Corner (NEEDS HELP p11)

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    Cool BV's Humble Corner (NEEDS HELP p11)

    Hi MT netizens...
    I'm new here. I happen to be also new in DA.
    I've been lurking this site for a while and I find the critique corner very interesting. It showcases how people have improved over time. I also want to improve like those people.
    Here are few of my works...

    I dont really know how the spoiler tags work. I hope the image size is alright. Tell me if there's something wrong on my post but please be gentle... I'm not to keen with forums technology...

    WIP Eira Seolfor, the protagonist for my story
    I'm too fond of coloring hair cause its tricky. I like coloring lips though... I like them full...
    is the pose okay? are the eyes weird? is the color scheme fine?

    Qayin Khevah, the antagonist for my story
    i know there's something wrong with this pic but i can't really pinpoint it... asdaadhlkdfa... it's frustrating.
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