Design discussion for comic characters (animerubeld and rubisko).

Both are good actually. As you know it all depends on your art direction, if you are going to use strong shades, you can go with detailed work, or at the contraries, with no detail at all. I feel this just depend on how are you going to solve it as a problem, you can pick doing easy designs, or you could use shades to simplify your work, or a lot of far and close up views, so you never have to fill all the design constantly (actually this is interesting to discuss in some moment, because we could say you only need 1 moment to show the character in his full cloth and design, as one time he/she is being shown is enough to create a on the readers mind a construct about how he looks, and after that you can basically hide the character the whole story, or reveal fragments of his look through the story creating the construct of the character flowing with the narrative).

For the battle thing. GOD DAMN ANATOMY, for reazle. I don't think I could cover everything but lets do this 2 exercises, first relate the length proportion of the furthest leg with the furthest arm (further from the viewer, us), second look where his neck is connected, you are going to see that his neck is a little further from where it should be. There are more problems, like the size of the front foot, the proportion of the further leg with the body, the grab of the fly-killer-thing (I have no idea of its name on English), the position of the foot and the pant drop. I guess I might have covered almost everything, but ya, take care of anatomy, I understand its a dynamic pose, but over literacy doesn't mean you have to destroy anatomy in this way (and even in normal comic book literacy its highly criticized).

And following with dynamic poses, the latest picture you uploaded, the further leg is too long, and I can see the perspective lines, which you followed right, but you forgot that further things look smaller, which mean the leg should be getting smaller as it goes further. Also 2 final things on this latest image, his eyes are looking at 2 different places (cover one eye and look where its looking, cover the other and do the same) and the grab of the "clock" (I guess is my or something, who knows?... well if it is cock hand).

Well, cloth design is pretty good, its obvious that you are going for this high fantasy with some japanese aesthetic of it, but it looks nice and its obvious that you are making theses conscious decisions (like the constant tall neck on all the jackets).